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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Perhaps I should rethink the domain name???

Just doing a little surfing before calling it quits for the night and I happened to check the definition of geek on the Merriam-Webster site. I was really worried until I got to the last one... I believe that I'm fairly well liked, and I haven't bitten the head off of anything lately!

Oh, got my SCOTTeVEST Microfleece Pullover today, a day early!!! I'm lovin' it! Cost a little more than I had planned on spending once exchange, shipping, and duties are considered, but still worth it.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh those silly google guys!

We all know google as a great search engine, I've been using it almost exclusively since it launched in the late 90's. Sergey and Larry have been pumping out the applications ever since with great services such as g-mail, docs and spreadsheets, and google maps, to name a few. If you've never explored google take a few moments and click the "more" link on the google home page. I'll write about some of my favorites at a later date.

The focus of this post however is their corporate sense of humour. It appears as though they really don't take themselves very seriously, or at least they can appreciate a really good joke. Next April 1, be sure to give the google page a good second look... go ahead put it in your google calendar now!

The latest hint of google humour was brought to my attention this morning. For laughs try the following:

1. Go to google maps;
2. Click on the "Get directions" link;
3. Enter "New York, NY" in the from field;
4. Enter "Paris, France" in the to filed;
5. Click the "Get Directions" button;
6. Read the list of directions; and
7. Laugh out load when you get to number 24!

Thanks Adam!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


It appears as though school boards everywhere are facing new challenges in their efforts to thwart cheats, and have been developing policies to ban or at least control the use of electronic devices in the classroom. One would expect those who are inclined to take the easy way out to quickly grasp the concept of texting but the little cheats are apparently more creative than I would have given them credit for... apparently some have taken to recording notes on their mp3 players and hiding their ear buds in the sleeve of their hoodies, placing their hand near their ear to listen to recording at the appropriate time. Even more ingenious is the use of the mp3 files tags to hide notes in a songs data for display on the screen... now that's using your brain! If only they would put those brains to good use and do a little studying.

News Release - Eastern School District - April 19, 2007 (pdf)

CNN article