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Friday, January 15, 2010

Microsoft Responds To Google's Threat To Pull Out of China

Keeping with the never ending theme of Google vs. China, Microsoft Chief executive Steve Ballmer says he doesn't understand Google's reaction.

“There are attacks every day. I don't think there was anything unusual, so I don't understand,” Ballmer told Reuters after a meeting at the White House.

“We're attacked every day from all parts of the world and I think everybody else is too. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary.”

Ballmer told CNBC that Microsoft had no plans to exit China: “We've been quite clear, we're going to operate in China, we're going to abide by the law.”

Of course China represents a small portion of revenues generated by Google and I'm betting the Microsoft has much more to lose, but that's only speculation.

Source: Globe and Mail

Thursday, January 14, 2010

China Responds To Google's Pull Out Threat

In a response that is typical of the Chinese government, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said China welcomed foreign Internet companies to operate within their country but that those offering online services must do so “in accordance with the law.” At a news conference Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu, did not directly address Google’s complaints about censorship and cyberattacks, but simply stated, “China’s Internet is open.”

Wang Chen, the information director for the State Council of China was more direct saying in an interview posted on the agency’s Web site "China’s Internet is entering an important stage of development, confronting both rare opportunities and severe challenges,” he said. “Internet media must always make nurturing positive, progressive mainstream opinion an important duty.”


On The Official Google Blog the company states it's new approach in dealing with the country.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google Threatens To Pull Out Of China

After cyber attacks on the gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists and other Chinese dissidents, Google has raised the stakes threatening to pull it's operations from China. The attacks were "very organized" and "clearly targeted" according to Google spokesman David Drummond, chief legal officer at Google.

Drummond Says that the means of the attack where not Google related but rather phishing schemes that obtained user information and originated in December from China. Being careful not to implicate the Chinese government Drummond says "we simply cannot continue to operate a filtered or censored search engine..."

Check out the CNBC interview.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Gadgets That Wowed'em At CES

The Globe and Mail has compiled a list of the hot gadgets from CES in Las Vegas and as expected there is a lot of 3-D action but what I didn't expect was a reborn Polaroid Instant camera! Also on the list is the Mint floor cleaning robot, tv on the iPhone, wireless charging, and a game controlling glove from Iron Will Innovations. Seems to me there must have been a lot of wow and equally as much deja vu going on in Vegas. Everything old is new again...

Update: For more on the Polaroid visit

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sci-Fi Shows That Deserve Resurrection

Awhile ago Wired brought us a list of 10 science fiction shows ready for an upgrade in an article entitled “Reboot This! 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows Ready for Upgrade.” Not surprisingly many fans of Sci-Fi and obviously readers of Wired chimed in with shows that were left off of that list. Wired has now published a list of reader's choices in "Reboot These Sci-Fi Shows Next, Wired Readers Plead."

Taking a hard look at the list and I agree... how could you have missed Firefly, Space 1999, Max Headroom and Thunderbirds? The Greatest American Hero we can do without... Check out the list, any thing you think was missed?