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Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Isn't Lego Mindstorms!

nor is it an iRobot Dirt Dog, insert jaw drop here, wow! Check out this video of Little Dog from Boston Dynamics:

Google's Location Based Vision

Here is a TechCrunch interview with Google's Vic Gundotra regarding Google's I/O Conference announcements and Apple vs. Google... interesting!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP's Gulf of Mexico Disaster - Up Close

British Petroleum (BP) is live casting a view from the submersible ROV that is monitoring the fractured well in the Gulf of Mexico, the result of the MC252 oil well disaster that has been spewing oil into the Gulf since an explosion rocked the well on April 20th. The video feed drives home the magnitude of the disaster but will probably also be interesting to view as BP tries to implement it's latest attempt, 'top kill', at stopping the leak. BP describes Top Kill as "The primary objective of the top kill process is to put heavy kill mud into the well so that it reduces the pressure and then the flow from the well. Once the kill mud is in the well and it’s shut down, then we follow up with cement to plug the leak."

British Scientist Infects Himself With Computer Virus...

Well not himself but a chip implanted within himself. Dr. Mark Gasson from the University of Reading contaminated a modified RFID chip, similar to those used to chip your pets, and is experimenting with the infected device and systems that it may connect to. The ramifications, as Dr. Gasson explains in this BBC video clip, could be extensive as more and more uses for the chips are found and more devices are scanning for the data contained within the chips.

"This type of technology has been commercialised in the United States as a type of medical alert bracelet, so that if you're found unconscious you can be scanned and your medical history brought up." says Dr. Gasson. An infected chip could hold an entirely different payload than that which is intended for use by the system scanning it. 

Can you say Minority Report?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Immortalizes Pac-Man Doodle

On Friday, Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man by including a playable version of the game in the Google doodle. By popular demand Google has decided to make the doodle a permanent resident at, kudos to Google and to NAMCO who apparently helped make the doodle a reality. Now, back to work. No, seriously, stop playing Pac-Man and get back to work! :)