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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Huffinton Post Tells Americans To Look North For Jobs

Popular American blog, The Huffington Post, yesterday published an article entitled Need A Job? Try Canada, Where Hiring Is Booming And Home Prices Are Rising. Quoting statistics regarding unemployment numbers and housing prices the story, it would appear, is a compelling one. If this poll is any indication:

Would You Consider Moving To Canada For A Job?

Yes, I'll follow the money.
No, I'm staying in the States.
It depends on salary -- or how long I would have to be unemployed.

The comments also make for an interesting read. At the top of the list right now is this one:

vlm1948   2 hours ago (2:15 AM)
Tell me again how that socialistic healthcare thingy will hurt the economy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Magic of iPad

I'll let the video do the talking on this one...


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hmmm.... Powerful... This Laser Is

The force has come down upon a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, Wicked Lasers, who makes and sells a product  called the Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser. The problem, it seems is that George Lucas and his company Lucasfilm believes the device too closely resembles the lightsaber made famous by the Star Wars franchise, and according to a cease and desist letter "It is apparent from the design of the Pro Arctic Laser that it was intended to resemble the hilts of our lightsaber swords, which are protected by copyright."

In it's defense Wicked Lasers contends that the Pro-Arctic is "real while the lightsaber is imaginary." I'd say they have a point there... however you might want to act quickly if you intend upon purchasing one of these lightsaber like devices as I fear the force is strong with Mr Lucas.

     (Credit: Wicked Lasers)

More info at cnet news.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta Released To The Wild

Mozilla has released Firefox 4 Beta 1 into the wild with an apparent emphasis on speed and support for new and emerging web standards. New features as pointed out by Wired's Web Monkey are:
  • Support for WebM video
  • More support for emerging web standards like CSS 3, Canvas and Web Sockets
  • Better page rendering performance, including a new HTML5 parser
  • Crash protection that prevents bad plugins from blowing up the whole browser
  • New add-ons manager
  • Recently updated Jetpack SDK for new-style lightweight add-ons
Sounds great, but remember this is Beta release 1 so things are bound to be broken or at least a little unstable.

Personally, I'm a longtime Firefox user who recently made the switch to Chrome for all of my personal browsing. Speed was definitely a deciding factor. I am not so far down the Google path that Mozilla can't entice me back but I'll need to see some compelling reasons to do so. I'll give it a download and let you know my thoughts.

Also, as a teaser, tomorrow marks one month of using the iPad for me and I hope to put together my thoughts in a post later this week, so stay tuned

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Biometric ATMs Appearing in Europe

Hitachi has produced a finger tip scanner that scans patterns of micro veins beneath the surface of the skin rather than finger prints and has managed to get the scanners installed in ATM machines in Warsaw, Poland.  Poland's cooperative BPS bank claims to be the first bank in Europe to install biometric identity verification on it's ATMs.

Hitachi claims the likelihood of a false positive is about 1 in 1 million, or roughly as accurate as an iris scan which is generally accepted as the most secure of methods to date. Perhaps I watch too many spy movies but the first thing that came to my mind was quickly dispelled as I read further in CNN's article, "And before you ask, no -- it doesn't work with fingers that have been chopped off,"  said Peter Jones, Hitachi's head of security and solutions in Europe. (Admit it, you were thinking it too!)

I hadn't realized that Poland was so forward thinking but Jone's goes on to say "It's no surprise that Poland is the first in Europe. They are one of the most proactive at addressing the challenges of the information age. When they host the EU presidency in 2012, they want to say to the world: 'Look at what we've achieved.'"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Twitter's New Revenue Generator

Business Insider is reporting that Twitter is finding new ways to monetize and the latest appears to be via an account called @earlybird. Twitter PR told ReadWriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick,  "There are interesting things in store for @earlybird. Keep waking up early and you might be the first to find out what they are." Looks like they are taking a page out of Dell's book.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Geek Beat By Cali Lewis

One of my favorite Internet celebs has a new show on Revision 3. Cali Lewis of geekbrief fame is now on the Revision 3 network with a new video show called GeekBeat.TV, you'll get the same Cali and plenty of product reviews ala Geek Brief. I'm embedding the show here using the sites self updating embed code, so you can simply bookmark this post if you choose. Check it out here or on Rev3 @