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Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Pockets!

I love Scottevest apparel and now there is even more to love with the Expedition Jacket. 37 pockets worth of gadget carrying glory and no need for a backpack any more! Check it out:

The Revolution Plus might be a better pick for us Canucks but regardless this clothing is beautifully functional and totally a geek necessity. Consider this an unbiased and unsolicited Great Big Geek product endorsement.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Asteroid By Parrot - Android Device For Your Car

Check out this CES report by Andy Walker of it's android in your car baby!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Does CES 2011 Have In Store For Us?

According to CNN's Mark Milian (love that name) we can expect Tablets, Tablets, and more Tablets, as well as Smartphones, 3D TVs, connected appliances, and of course video gaming. Some 80 new tablet devices will occupy the booths which is no surprise. The most interesting concept for me, one that has been around for some time but only now seems to be maturing, is the connected appliance. It seems that cell carriers are behind the latest push along with the more traditional Wi-Fi offerings. I am anxious to learn of the ways in which the industry choses to employ this technology. It's apt to be an easing in process where we get alerts via sms or twitter, but there are possibilities here that go well beyond  "the toast is burning"...  look for a wrap up post after the news starts hitting the wire.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Floor Washing Robot From iRobot - Scooba 230

iRobot has just announced a new addition to it's Scooba floor cleaning robot line. The Scooba 230 is smaller in circumference but a bit taller from what I can gather. The smaller base allows it to maneuver into tighter corners such as around toilets, where it's really needed. I'm liking what I see from the 230 and it is time to replace my 1st generation Scooba...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

iPhone Let You Down In 2011?

It seems as though the iPhone has had another clock related issue resulting in non-recurring alarms not functioning after the stroke of midnight on January 1st 2011. Many Apple related message boards and twitter posts are showing frustration amongst iPhone owners. The following is a post from a thread on Apple's own support forum:

I'm really quite annoyed Right now with apple, my iPhone alarm didn't go off meaning I was late for everthing, what the heck is the matter with it?
I understand there is some sort of glitch due to the new year 2011? Does anyone know how to fix this as I need my phone to wake me up,
Thanks in advanced, 

It doesn't appear as though Apple officials have posted a response to this however one user suggests:

It will be fine tomorrow, or set a recurring alarm instead.
Don't you have a regular alarm clock?  
My Android device is working just fine thanks :)