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Friday, March 13, 2009

20 Years Since Web Invisioned By Berners-Lee

20 years ago today Tim Berners-Lee published his "Information Management: A proposal" and the rest is history. Here is an interesting snip from his modest conclusions:

"We should work toward a universal linked information system, in which generality and portability are more important than fancy graphics techniques and complex extra facilities."

"The aim would be to allow a place to be found for any information or reference which one felt was important, and a way of finding it afterwards. The result should be sufficiently attractive to use that it the information contained would grow past a critical threshold, so that the usefulness the scheme would in turn encourage its increased use."

I think he's more than achieved his goal!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apple Unveils New iPod Shuffle - Smaller And Talkative

Apple has taken the wraps off of a new iPod Shuffle that half the size of it's predecessor, has 4 GB of storage for up to 1000 songs, and introduces a new feature called VoiceOver. VoiceOver tells you what song is playing and who’s performing it at the press of a button and can tell you the names of your playlists, giving you a new way to navigate your music especially handy during workouts. Perhaps the only drawback, though Apple will argue it is a feature, is that the controls are located on the earbud cord. While this may be a convient spot it necessitates the purchase of new ear buds from Apple, at least at the moment.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wal-Mart Throughs Hat Into The Digital Health Record Ring

Wal-Mart has made its intentions known regarding digital health records announcing that it will be partnering its Sam’s Club division with Dell for hardware and eClinicalWorks, for software, to offer physicians in small offices an affordable solution. “We’re a high-volume, low-cost company,” said Marcus Osborne, senior director for health care business development at Wal-Mart. “And I would argue that mentality is sorely lacking in the health care industry.” According to the New York Times "Dell will be responsible for installation of the computers, while eClinicalWorks will handle software installation, training and maintenance. Wal-Mart is using its buying power for discounts on both the hardware and software."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Baseball Cards Come To Life With Augmented Reality

Baseball collector card maker Topps is unveiling a new card using "augmented reality". According to the New York Times "Beginning Monday, collectors who hold a special Topps 3D Live baseball card in front of a webcam will see a three-dimensional avatar of the player on the computer screen. Rotate the card, and the figure rotates in full perspective." The baseball card industry has been struggling in the internet age, going from a billion dollar industry to about 200 million is revenues today. These new cards promise to reconnect people with cards by offering an engaging new experience, at least for now. You really should follow the link above and check out the video...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kepler Telescope Launched - In Search Of Earth-like Planets

NASA launched the Kepler telescope aboard a Delta II rocket on Friday night from Cape Canaveral. The telescope, named after 17th-century German astrophysicist Johannes Kepler, is on a mission to seek potentially habitable planets by staring at approximately 100,000 stars some 600 to 3,000 light years away in the so-called habitable zone. "If one of them has a planet like the Earth going around it and if that planet happens to pass in front of that star, the star will get just a little dimmer, then a little brighter for a while as the planet eclipses it," according to CBC's science correspondent Bob McDonald. Over the past 10 years 300 or so planets have been identified to be orbiting stars outside our solar system, but they are largely gaseous planets like Jupiter. Kepler's mission is to look for smaller Earth-like planets.