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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have an iPod Shuffle to give away

One of you could be the proud owner of a new 1GB iPod Shuffle. It’s easy, send an e-mail to 7 friends, co-workers, and/or relatives telling them how much you enjoy reading Great Big Geek, include a link and encourage them to subscribe to my feed (The orange button on the right). Copy me on the e-mail (, and your name goes in the hat. 1 iPod Shuffle to be given away at random on September 22nd, 2007. I’ll even pay the shipping! Don’t cheat, each e-mail must have seven recipients, eight if you count me… you can’t send individual e-mails. It may sound dumb but I’ve been reading “The Tipping Point” and it’s an experiment, so help a geek out and spread the word.